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What is an Open Primary?

An open primary election allows voters of all party affiliations to vote for their chosen candidate to move forward to the general election in November. Nevada currently has fully closed primaries which excludes 50% of Nevada voters from participating in the elections. The only voters who can currently participate in Nevada’s primary elections are those registered as Republican or Democrat. An open primary would allow everyone including those registered as nonpartisan or with a third party to participate and have their voice heard.

Open Primaries

Open Primaries in the United States

The use of open primaries in the United States goes back to the early 1900s. The United States Supreme Court has ruled on more than one occasion that open primaries DO NOT violate political parties’ right of association.

What is Ranked Choice Voting?

In general elections, voters rank candidates 1 through 5, establishing an “instant runoff” system which ensures a winner will have over 50% of the vote. If no candidate has over 50% of first-choice votes in the first round, the candidate with the fewest number of first-choice votes is eliminated and their second-choice votes are redistributed accordingly in a process which repeats until one candidate receives a majority of votes. Ranked choice voting allows new candidates to run (and voters to express their true preferences) without “spoiling” the election for a major party candidate, giving a platform to new policy ideas and holding our leaders accountable to new competition.

Ranked choice voting (RCV) traces its roots to the mid-1800’s. Its uses extend beyond politics; hundreds of private organizations, businesses, universities, even the OSCARS utilize this system. Recently, the Nevada Democratic Party used RCV in its 2020 presidential caucus because it is easy. Voters understand and support RCV. It encourages civil campaigning, enhances turnout and provides better results for women and minority voters and their candidates.

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Ranked choice voting has also peppered Nevada’s legislative process for several years.

What is Final-Five Voting?

A proposal in which open primaries are combined with ranked choice voting in for the general election. This allows for greater political competition and greater incentives for those elected to be accountable and work toward the best policy results.

How to Register to Vote

Register online or in-person with your county election office.